how to SSH into Raspberry PI from IPad (VNC)

This post will show you how to ssh into your raspberry pi model b, and gain remote VNC Control for your ipad. any generations.

WARNING: This is assuming you have the raspbian distro installed. And that username and password of of device is Pi:raspberry, and that you have already have SSH setup and tightvncserver installed on the PI. if non of these are already pre configured, please read

Correct apps for the job

2012-12-30 16.41.39

lets begin

first step is to scan your local network to find the already configured raspberry pi, i did this using the free version of FING for ipad. (all IP address are of my local network, and will be totally different to your network)

2012-12-30 16.47.50

as you can see from the above scan my raspberry pi is connect using a edimax wifi card, one that is recommended for the pi, it also shows the mac address, the name of the device on the network which is raspberrypi.lan and the ip which is ( but this will be different for your local network.

using FING i then preform a quick scan of the services runnning on the PI just to double check SSH is enabled and running.

2012-12-30 16.53.36

using the noted down ip address which was ( i start up webSSH another free app from the itunes store, creating a direct connection to my raspberry Pi using the ip adress, username and password of my Pi, which if left default were pi:raspberry

2012-12-30 16.56.40

once connected assuming that tightvncserver is already installed the command below can be run to start the VNC service.

2012-12-30 17.06.07

if all was well and correct you should of seen the above message from the SHH client, that tightvncserver had started operation.

once completed, we can now open iTapVNC which I’ve found to be the best app, but comes at a price of £6.99.
open up ItapVNC and add a manual bookmark and enter the raspberry pi’s information.
(remember your ip address will be different to the one I’ve entered)
VNC display 1 needs to be selected from port as thats the display tightvncserver uses for the remote desktop.

2012-12-30 17.10.03

once completed you can then save and connect you will be prompted for your password that we set when enabling and installing tightvncserver, found here.

then hey presto you have now got VNC control over your raspberry pi no need for a screen keyboard or mouse, all can be controled from you ipad or iDevice.

2012-12-30 17.15.14

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  1. Hi,
    What about a keyboard? Does the apple touchscreen keyboard come up automatically? I wouldn’t have thought so. There’s no usb port for a wifi keyboard dongle.

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