“Cyber Attack ‘To Hit In Next Two Weeks” HUH???

“Internet users now have two weeks to protect themselves, warns UK’s National Crime Agency after working with Europol and FBI” HUH??????CryptoLocker: global police operation disrupts one of most aggressive viruses everMonday, the US DOJ announced that a federal court in Pittsburgh allowed the FBI to: redirect the automated requests by victim computers for additional instructions away […]

Bully WPS Brute Force Tutorial

Bully is a new implementation of the WPS brute force attack, written in C. It is conceptually identical to other programs, in that it exploits the (now well known) design flaw in the WPS specification. It has several advantages over the original reaver code. These include fewer dependencies, improved memory and cpu performance, correct handling […]

auto start services on boot in Centos / Redhat?

To auto start services in Centos or Redhat OS, you can use builtin chkconfig utility. It is located in /sbin directory. If you are a regular user (non-root), then /sbin may not be in your path. Therefore, you may have to use the full path to access the chkconfig utility. To auto start a new service: Find […]

WordPress Importer White Screen of Death.

I recently came across the wordpress importer white screen of death after creating a new VPS with Digital Ocean, after setting up my Apache + PHP5 Server,  I’m trying to upload an xml file and it’s doesn’t import anything. I keep getting a long list of “failure to import…” errors. these are the steps i took […]

Advanced Cross Site scripting (XSS)

Cross site scripting is vulnerabilities in web applications that involves injecting valid HTML or scripts in some form or way. XSS is a very widespread vulnerability (see OWASP TOP 10) on the internet today. It is both easy to eliminate and easy to detect. It is however usually harder to exploit than for example SQL […]



NMAP (Network Mapping) Cheat Sheet

Nmap (Network Mapping) Cheat Sheet. It is a very famous port scanner available for free. It is not just only a port scanner, it also do various jobs like banner grabbing, OS fingerprinting, Nmap script scanning, evading firewalls, etc. So we are gonna show you some important commands of Nmap. Step 1: Open up the […]

How Fix wordpress FTP update

The first google results about this tell you to add the following to your wp-config.php:

This works, but only for plugins. If you try to update to a newer wordpress version it will not be able to write the files and screw up your wordpress installation (white page). This can be fixed by downloading […]

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How to Make a Raspberry Pi Web Server 2

If you are looking for a way to make a cheap web server, primarily to be used as a testing environment or to store files, then the Raspberry Pi is perfect for you. What is a Raspberry Pi? It is a inexpensive mini computer, perfect for basic functions. This guide will show you how to […]